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What is the window object anyway?

At least 1 upper case and 1 lower case letter. The endIndex parameter is optional. That said, despite their many differences, there are nonetheless some broad strokes similarities worth considering, especially if you are looking at web development when comparing Java to JavaScript, where both platforms can be implemented. Can anyone please enlighten me how the row which says ” res. Need a discount on popular programming courses. Changes the layer order. Contact No: 0120 4256464, 9990449935. The global isFinite coerces non numbers to numbers, returning true for anything that coerces to a finite number. The result is Sep 29th because my browser is converting UTC midnight, Sep 30 to EST 8pm, Sep 29. If the expression in your case evaluates to true it will be matched. The simple working of pop method to removing the last element from an array and returning that element, by working JavaScript is a programming language with this method, also changes the length of the array. The functions call and apply are very similar: the first argument passed is the same, which is the object on which the function is to be invoked. If, however, any of the promises are rejected, all will reject with the value of that promise and won’t take any of the other promises into account. Declare a variable and access many predefined methods immediately. Which is much clearer. If the promise is successful, it will produce a resolved value, but if something goes wrong then it will produce a reason why the promise failed.

When Is The Right Time To Start SQL

Understand filter in javascript

What’s worth knowing is that when we’re using the pipe function and providing it a few functions we want to run, it should also return us a function and not a value. Similarly, other functions also will not pause the execution flow, which means all functions are calling immediately but the messages have been displayed after specified delays only. You can easily clear the array by using arr. We have a complete list of JavaScript Comparison Operators, to check those please go through, the JavaScript Comparison Operator article. Try is a JavaScript keyword that wraps a block of code. Sets can be “chained” together. An example of using const to create a constant is. Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading providers of online training for Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Data Science, IT, Software Development, and many other emerging technologies. You will learn programming fundamentals and basic object oriented concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax etc. Here’s an example of an if statement in JavaScript. Note, here we define it, not calling it yet. JavaScript is a text based scripting language commonly used to add dynamic and interactive elements to static websites to make them visually appealing. If the context is given, it will be used in this way for each callback function invocation; otherwise, undefined will be used by default. In a complex application, it will certainly be the case that you would write a number of prototype objects that are note used, but only cloned into new objects — essentially re creating a class based paradigm. In other words, it is a group of reusable code which can be called anywhere in the program which makes the life of developers easy by eliminating the need of writing the same piece of code again and again. JS is a widely used programming language used on both the client side and server side to make web pages interactive. A word about arrow functions: If you want to look at a more in depth explanation of the nuance between arrow functions and the traditional function syntax, I’d highly recommend this article on FreeCodeCamp’s blog. Let’s refactor doubler to use recursion instead. The last function for loading is called storeBandsLocally data stores bands in a variable and calls functions to show data. Name if previousPrice. The closure has access to variables in three scopes; specifically: 1 variable in its own scope, 2 variables in the enclosing function’s scope, and 3 global variables.

The Philosophy Of SQL

How to Enable JavaScript

JavaScript in Plain English. Click the button that looks like three little black dots on top of each other in the top right corner of the Chrome window. Multi line Comments are used using / opening and / closing, same like css comments. As I scribble this article, the clock on my laptop shows July 21 1:29 PM. The maximum length allowed for an array is 4,294,967,295. A for loop and forEach method handle missing elements differently. Explanation:There are three different examples in the above given code, Firstly we used the keys method on the map deviceColors to get the keys of this map, hence we got its keys in the output. Let’s see the list of JavaScript map methods with their description. Js implements the saveAs FileSaver interface in browsers that do not natively support it. The Creators Update for Windows 10 removed the ability to manually enable or disable JavaScript. Below are the few reasons for Obfuscation,. Here the switch starts to compare a from the first case variant that is 3. Bind: returns a new function, allowing you to pass any number of arguments. Consider the following code. But who wants to be a scripter when you can be a programmer. Splice to add or remove elements from an array, the elements you add or remove are selected based on a start index that you specify. One of the most important statistics the service provides is the referrer statistic you’ve gotta know who’s sending people to your website, right. However, in the latest browsers unknow or rare downloaded file extensions are blocked and a prompt appears if you really want to open that file at less in Chrome. In addition, there are special syntaxes for defining arrow functions and methods, which provide more precise semantics for their usage. ” In the case of JavaScript, this means telling those dynamic features described earlier to do whatever it is they do—like telling images to animate themselves, photos to cycle through a slideshow, or autocomplete suggestions to respond to prompts. You can specify a function as the second parameter. The first output to the console log returned 7 which is the integer value of the Binary number 111 represented as the string ‘111’. How to provide a type shape to JavaScript objects. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to our Privacy Policy. These values can be of any data type — meaning you can store a string, number, boolean, and other data types in one variable. HTML pages can be easily manipulated, meaning JavaScript programming can be used to change the overall look and feel of the pages. By adding/subtracting delta from another date, I mean this: You want to get a date that’s X from another date. Then” method with the help of the following figure.

The String indexOf Method

These are variables, either numbers orstrings, with which the function is supposed to do something. Unions provide a way to handle different types too. This approach is the highest level of immutability that you can attain for an object itself, as it prevents any changes to the object or to any of its direct properties though, as mentioned above, the contents of any referenced other objects are unaffected. Function declarations can appear in the top level JavaScript program itself, just like our say example. In this guide we’ve covered everything you need to know about Maps, but if you want to learn more about Javascript click here. To compare complex objects, developers must write their own comparison functions. The following code logs a line for each element in an array. This means that if any fields of an object are referred to other objects, only the addresses will be copied, but not the objects themselves. If the types differ, either or both operands are first converted to a common type. By convention, the default clause is the last clause, but it does not need to be so. That’s where the typeof method comes in.

Server Applications

The method returns true if an element is removed and false if there was no element with that value in the Set. Even if objects have properties of different data types, the sort method can be used to sort the array. You can also replace an element as follows. Template literals, however, preserve whatever spacing you add to them. A JavaScript function is executed when “something” invokes it calls it. The value of y is 9, and so is the output. Note: Automatic form validation does not work in Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Import project / Download images from the web. It is a new language but with OOP concepts and generic features and, Rich IDE support, is suitable for complex projects. In the following web document for statement starts by declaring the variable r and initializing it to 1. Then during this run, the currentValue parameter will be each of the values of the originalArray. Then return a new array with all the transformed elements. Submitted 1 day ago by ECommerce Guy. Instead, I ask the interviewee to write a code for swapping values of two variables using destructuring. Rejected: The promise related action failed to fulfill, it was unable to perform the action/fetch the data that was requested for. Here are a few tips for handling leap years. Sometimes, we need to assign a variable depending on a condition. So, you can call all the functions of the window by specifying the window or directly. This constructor accepts a function called the executor, and this executor function accepts two functions called resolve and reject. Most popular websites are JavaScript based, which means they make use of JavaScript to run interactive features that provide an enjoyable user experience. As we have set the 1000 milliseconds to the set timeout, we were expecting to execute that callback function after 1 second. This example shows the captures offset of the capturing group within the string. Has: This will return true if the specific element/value present in the existing elements/items from the Set Object. One of the benefits of using an array datastructure is that you have constant time look up, if you already know the index of the element you are trying to access. Articles written with ❤ byDillion Megida. The above code is OK if you only want to display something when the condition is true. The syntax is somewhat similar to C, with if, else, for, and while all behaving as may be expected. Retrieving the Second.


These will be loaded faster, and more reliably. They can still re publish the post if they are not suspended. 모던 JavaScript 튜토리얼The Modern JavaScript Tutorial in Korean. We can do the same with objects and functions as well. In JavaScript, getting the keys and values that comprise an object is very easy. Note: We destructed the currentElement’s Object. The value that results from running the “reducer” callback function to completion over the entire array. There is one important thing to note about using an Object or Array as a key: the Map is using the reference to the Object to compare equality, not the literal value of the Object. This is the full syntax for if statements. Substring5,1 becomes str. It can either replace or remove elements from an array. I understand better now. Notifications are essential in today’s marketing world, as they keep the customers updated about your brand. Script should be written in separate file external or in tag. There are 4 pillars of OOP’s concept. Without the new operator will return a string rather than a Date object; unlike other JavaScript object types, JavaScript Date objects have no literal syntax. So, what exactly is JavaScript used for and why does your website need it. ” has replaced “This paragraph will be changed by JavaScript below”. Insertion sort uses the recursion technique. Doing so will resolve errors and pop ups regarding JavaScript. The above method prints the elements of the set in the order in which they were inserted. As developers, we create them to fetch somethingdata from a data store, configurations, and many more. This coding challenge is based on the classic children’s counting game used to teach about multiples. In this tutorial you will learn how to define and call a function in JavaScript.


A promise will only return a value once, which means that if a promise returns an error, it will only return it once. I hope this article has helped you get a better understanding of Sets in JavaScript, and you will be comfortable using Sets in your next project wherever required. However, note that it’s not the most efficient method always, and often using an object the equivalent of a hash map keys is much faster. In the example above, var i = 0 initially sets the variable i equal to 0. As we saw, some browsers like Chrome have a site exception feature that allows you to enable JavaScript only for certain websites. Although a function expression creates a closure every time, the function body is not reparsed, so function expressions are still faster than new Function. The primary difference between them is the scope in which these variables are used. Reject is a function that will be called, when the async operation fails or if some error occurs. For hiding JavaScript codes from old browsers. We’ve discussed the technical details; let’s now look at some practical examples that illustrate the power and versatility of JavaScript’s slice method. Note: The expression. In Firefox, click Tools > Options. A subscript of 1 indicates the last element in the array, and so on. As the name suggests, this function filters an array based on the rules/logic you provide and returns a new array containing items that satisfy those rules. The else statement appears after all the if conditions in a statement. If start index + array. When it’s initially called, a generator function doesn’t execute its code. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. I think this is the most important takeaway. Below is a brief overview of some popular ones. So, JS is a single threaded language. However, if the hungry alligator is pointing to the smaller number than it’s false. Alert dismissible and no text content may come before it in the markup. Now that we have learned about some essential features of JavaScript, let’s take a look at the applications it can be used for. However, if the stack limit exceeds what it is assigned to, it results in a “stack overflow” error. Hence, the body of the if statement is skipped. FreeCodeCamp’s open source curriculum has helped more than 40,000 people get jobs as developers.

Answer: 3

Although in the code above, this keyword refers to the object obj2, obj2 does not have the property “address”‘, hence the getAddress function throws an error. The code in the Promise callback takes some memory and cleaning of the used memory after Promise is resolved or rejected should be done by the garbage collector. It returns true if the value is found, and false otherwise. Otherwise, they will be given the option to try try again or reset their password, if they have forgotten it. But there’s a lot less stuff that you can do. If we ever need to change the message or the way it is shown, it’s enough to modify the code in one place: the function which outputs it. It called fs browsers and has nice and easy download method for client side. I encourage you to explore it and try applying it in situations you might not have considered. The flatMap method first maps all elements of an arrayand then creates a new array by flattening the array. Note: If your example doesn’t seem to work, go through the steps again and check that you did everything right. AIt is an area of block where a variable cannot be accessed until it is completely initialized with a value by the computer. At least 1 upper case and 1 lower case letter. The forEach method loops over the array and produces one array element after the next. Below are examples of positional, named, and rest parameters. Note that the parentheses on line 6 make this code a function call. Soon, you’ll be able to use the array slice method in your code. The summarize callback is invoked for every item in the array with the accumulated sum and the iterated number. If the passed argument is negative or NaN, they are treated as 0, and if the arguments are greater than the string length then they are treated equal to string. 深圳市恒宇博科技有限公司 粤ICP备17044299号 2. Coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript since his armed forces days in 1997, Jay enjoys bringing value to clients via eCommerce solutions, legacy integrations, and optimized PHP and JavaScript driven applications. Inside the toArray function, we called the slice method to convert the arguments object into an array. Being a full stack engineer no longer means you must learn multiple languages.


The result object has a property, done, telling us whether it’s done, and a property value with the value for that iteration. A function defined inside another function can also access all variables defined in its parent function, and any other variables to which the parent function has access. The method also allows you to add new elements right after the delete operation. Prototype object provides the slice method that allows you to extract subset elements of an array and add them to the new array. That’s why it’s important to update your project dependencies with a prior check of TypeScript support. It’s crucial to understand that setTimeout is non blocking, and other code will continue to execute while waiting for the timeout to complete. The above example defines two variables – x and y. Consider the example below. If the index is less or equal to 0 or its value is not a number NaN. They are usually only set in response to actions you made which result in a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. Subscribe to the Website Blog. Functions capable of accepting other functions as arguments and able to return functions as their return value. These methods provide various ways to handle multiple Promises and create new Promises. This page was last modified on Sep 25, 2023 by MDN contributors. Learn how Google Analytics can help you grow your business through intelligent data collection and analysis. The if statement accepts boolean values – if the value is true then it will execute the block of statements under it. Otherwise, a new tab will open after two seconds and close after two seconds of opening. I++ means we add 1 to i, so i is now set to 1. SetTimemethod is working without any instance. Alternatively you can use the spread operator for the same effect. This post provides everything you need to know to start your journey into learning JavaScript, including some industries and uses for it. Fourth IterationarrIndex is now 3. You can use the sort method of Array, which takes a callback function, which takes as parameters 2 objects contained in the array which we call a and b.

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If you don’t use the parentheses, you’ll get an unexpected result. So while web pages use CSS and HTML to style and render content, they’d be static without JavaScript, making it difficult for the browser to carry out scripted actions. These cookies do not store any personal information. In JavaScript, the term logical operator refers to operations whose operands only have the Boolean values 0 or 1. The first time that the callback is run there is no “return value of the previous calculation”. Here is a handy comparison table that shows the conversions that happen and the differences between == and ===. Because we want to further transform the result of the match before the final substitution is made, we must use a function. If you get really stuck, press “Show solution” to see a solution. The method employed here to extract values from an object is destructuring. The slice method extracts the specified string. These instructions work for both Android and iOS. Although JavaScript is widely accepted and used for web development, it does have well known vulnerabilities. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the switch statement, as well as how to use the related keywords case, break, and default. We use the download attribute to let the browser know that we want the Blob to be downloaded with the name contained into the download attribute. Another common use case is to sum up all elements of an array. As you can see the for loop statement uses three expressions: the initialization, the condition, and the final expression. Labels do not allow us to jump into an arbitrary place in the code. This function requires a URL string as a parameter and return that encoded string. Lastly, the sort method performs in place sorting, which means that it modifies the original array instead of creating a new, sorted array. Substring extracts characters from indexStart up to but not including indexEnd. In JavaScript, the type checking operator typeof returns the data type of the argument that was supplied to it.


The typeof operator returns “object” for arrays because in JavaScript arrays are objects. You have learnt about TypeScript being a static typed language and how types have to be defined, but how do we do this. A Map object is iterated by key value pairs — a for. Here is an example array, assigned to seaCreatures. It is the tech industry’s definitive destination for sharing compelling, first person accounts of problem solving on the road to innovation. However, this way of thinking implies that the equality comparisons form a one dimensional “spectrum” where “totally strict” lies on one end and “totally loose” lies on the other. Client side code is code that is run on the user’s computer — when a web page is viewed, the page’s client side code is downloaded, then run and displayed by the browser. In fact, we might as well not have written a comparison function. One of the most important statistics the service provides is the referrer statistic you’ve gotta know who’s sending people to your website, right. BOM stands for Browser Object Model. E, when the file first loads in the browser. We will cover them one by one. We add elements using the push method. Cascading Style Sheets CSS is used to design the layout of a webpage. Under Privacy, click the Content settings button and scroll down to JavaScript. An empty string has both a legal value and a type. If the test method returns true, it means that the string contains a number. Get the most out of Google Workspace in your workplace with this collection of training guides and tips. The listener will fire whenever the event is triggered on the descendant elements due to event bubbling up the DOM. Logical operators are used to determine the logic between variables or values. The addition operation is performed from left to right, and when a string is encountered, it performs concatenation. It returns 1 if no match is found. We want to extend a big thank you to all of you who support our free to use project, making it possible for us to continue developing the site and keeping it 100% free. It is complimentary to and integrated with Java. They have different ways to speed optimization when comparing JavaScript performance vs Java. The else statement doesn’t need to be preceded by an else if statement, it will work just as well with only a single if statement above it. The syntax would be as follows,. The delete method removes an entry in the map. Reduce can use initial and return values of any type, which makes it very flexible. Usually while is preferred when number of iterations are not known in advance.

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But, believe it or not, George Floyd’ money exchange scenario (especially, as I wrote it in the play) flashed before me – as he presented the cashier in his case a large bill, which in his case, was just a twenty dollar bill. Any way I gave her the C-note, held my breath and just hoped for the best. Now, I considered that I was surely over reacting. Because, I had just got this package of c-notes right from the bank. But continuing, the cashier accepted my c-note, frowning as she looked closely at it.

She thereupon held it closer to her eyes, frowning more. Then she would hold it overhead, towards the overhead light, (and squinting her) eyes. Next, she held it up and out towards the sun rays, coming through the large nearby windows

Oh my goodness, I thought,” let me tell this lady that I have the $41.00 in smaller bills, for her.”. But before I could get it out my mouth, she pivoted and left her drawer and station and walks three, (that’s right, three) whole aisle’s over.

“don’t tell me” I’m thinking, “she’s going after the dollar proofer contraption! And my goodness”, I reflected. “This is most unsettling. This is the very picture of what I imagined and actually wrote in my Saint George Floyd play.”

And she did exactly that! She ran it through, once while frowning, and then again, still frowning and nodding her head (negative) But, now, my girl, returns, and still with no words she deposits the funds beneath her drawer.


Now, I knew my C-note was good, as I got it from the bank, but that didn’t ease this dreaded moment. Cause, who’s to say George Floyd’s paper wasn’t legit! And, now I know this story is getting long, and is already probably uncomfortable, but, I need you to feel my pain and dread, as I felt it. Or at least understand my feelings. And maybe, if possible, feel that I had a right to them.

But, back to the cashier, whom returns, without apology, counts out and hands me my change, with the receipt, smiles and turns for the next customer in line. I truly felt abused and was still concerned, and felt very much unsafe; not knowing if they (the machine) determined that the bill was a possible fake, and perhaps the police would appear to take me down at the door, or what?

And I thought upon my last trip to thos store, and the very same lady waited on me, and that evening, her not finding the sales ticket visible, she quickly threw my item under the counter, saying, that it wasn’t priced, so she couldn’t sell it. But I advised her it was marked inside, which she found to be true.

But, getting back to today, I did, make it out the door, without being intercepted by law enforcement, But, I said, let me make it to the car before I break down in relief.

But, making it to the car, I wanted to make a cell phone call, but, I thought better, let’s me move out before a swat team corner me in, with overhead helicopters.

So, I left thankful for my freedom and life, until the next shopping engagement. I noticed that my head, neck and shirt was filled with perspiration.


Now, you may wonder, was this a Macy or Bloomingdale. High end shop, I was shopping and followed around to protect the precious merchandise. No, ha, ha, This was a Salvation Army store. You know, like a goodwill, thrift shop. But, With Blacks, as prey, it’s not what they’re protecting, it’s who you are.

“don’t tell me” I’m thinking, “she’s going after the dollar proofer contraption! Oh my goodness”, I reflected. “This is most unsettling. This is the very picture of what I imagined and actually wrote in my Saint Georfe Floyd play!” Now, panicking, I thought again to holler, to get her attention, that I had some smaller bills, that she could try.

And I submit that this is an important work, one of the most significant of this millennium. As this work is significant on several fronts: spiritually, it opens up Scriptures and God’s Voice that is a Godsend, and oh, so, precious but rare. It also offers a comforting understanding of the continuity of Life beyond the Earth plane. It as well, and in the natural, highlights the burden Black households have to give the Race talk to their young charges.

And, in concluding, the cause and purpose of the writer initiating this piece, which was as a mission, is that Saint George Floyd’s sacrifice and it’s aftermath of goodwill not diminish nor be forgotten, but is ever before men.

Yet the chief catalyst of the story is by the writer is to keep “George Floyd’s story center front, that men can continue to face one another as Brothers and One in fairness, justice and equity.
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(More) A letter from a Blackman…

George Floyd still could have been any of us. 

Since then I’ve asked myself so many questions. How come the police hate us? Will I ever get to live a life free of fear, free of pain, and anger? But the question that scares me the most is, do I need to see a therapist? The answer to the last question is, probably. 

When soldiers go to war, some come back broken because of the devastation, destruction, and trauma they had to endure. It’s called PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder and it’s a serious condition. 

If you can have sympathy for a soldier’s pain, how come you have little for Black pain. Our trauma is just as real as anyone else’s and we never signed up for it. 

In 2007, Robert. T. Carter theorized that individuals of color who experience racially charged discrimination as traumatic and often generate responses similar to post-traumatic stress. This was known as Race-based traumatic stress. It’s defined as the traumatic response to stress following a racial encounter. 

Racial trauma can be experienced by an individual or by an entire community and can also come with a host of symptoms such as anxiety and depression, loss of appetite, nightmares, low self-esteem, etc. 


Part 1 – Speaking of Miracles 

“But, how is George Floyd a Saint?” Yes, this question was raised as soon as I brought the name and idea of the play up, and it still reverberates “But how is George Floyd a saint?” 

So, let’s look at this in today’s light. Today, Saints must have performed at least two verified miracles. Ok, so let’s consider George Floyd. Now, according to the Washington Post, in the less than two years of George Floyds passing – on the law perspective – over 150 pieces of legislation and laws have been passed (in America) corralling in police powers and potential abuse. (Miracle #1). 

And on the economic and equity side, American corporations have pledged over 50 billion dollars towards Black causes, justice and equity (miracle #2). And shortly after the video of George Floyd’s state sanctioned execution went world viral, major, street closing, demonstrations (of majority White marchers) went on for weeks in over 150 countries around the world (miracle #3). 

None of these three monumental accomplishments had ever been even partially met, before (in the four centuries of Black subjugation in America) nor was any even considered possible.  And I submit to all, each was nothing less than a miracle of God!

But, now, let’s detour, from Saint George Floyd and let’s consider our idea and imaginings of the Sacredness of the Saint’s ordinations process and our overall reverence and goodwill in the Sainthood process, the Holy See and council.

Part 2 – What’s Holy about the (Sainthood) Process?

But, what, if like me, you know or learn that many a pope and cardinals and their bastilles owned enslaved persons, and even participated in their sub-human treatment and also the trading of Black humans as chattel to raise money for the church growth, etc.. Just google ‘Popes and Cardinal’s that owned slaves / enslaved persons’. And you will be surprised, and hopefully hurt and dismayed. And, it’s not hidden knowledge. 

There’s a most recent story, from the New York Times, March 2022, noting how Georgetown University (a leading Catholic University) was admitting to commandeering enslaved persons for free labor to build much of its campus; a deed they now admit was wrong and immoral and are now pledging over 100 million dollars, to remedy, with more promised.  

Ok, so how does that believed sacredness of the Saint-hood look now? Oh, that’s the past, one can rationalize. Well, what about this; less than two years ago, the head of the Saint making department, in the Vatican, was charged with corruption and conspiracy in a most unholy scandal. See below from a recent NY Times article.

“Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, accused of embezzlement, abuse of office, witness tampering, is on trial with nine other defendants in a corruption trial that centers on a London realestate deal in which the Vatican lost millions, charges the defendants deny. Pope Francis demanded the cardinal’s resignation,as head of the department in charge of making saints, in September 2020”

New York Times 5/5/2022

Seems to me, doubters, should first turn their attention to reform, this historic and present evil cabal, which grossly dishonor the Sainthood and the truth of God’s nature. 

Part 3 – The Evils that came before

Ok, let’s take a further look back, on the character and moral fortitude of the early church leaders.  In another find, biblical scholars and ancient manuscript researchers have recently shared a most disturbing (to most true Christians and right minded persons) a papal executive pronouncement issued by Pope Nicholas V, in the mid 1400’s. It’s referred to as the ‘Doctrine of Discovery 1452, and it’s included below.

Now, this (Doctrine of Discovery 1452) was issued, less than 50 years before Columbus invaded the islands around the Americas (in 1492).

In this light, we can better understand the atrocities scholars have attributed to his mad band of merry men, against the hapless, peaceful, inhabitants of the lands they would happen upon. For, by the highest order, the pope, whom, in earlier days was accepted as part King and part God Messenger, this exposition orders were not a betterment of mankind or a ‘we come in peace, mission’ but to conquer and annihilate: “to invade, search out, capture, vanquish”, etc. 

And understand these (designated enemies) were faultless and were inhabitants of far-away distant lands, which they were not at war with or had no knowledge of. And here, by this executive order they are commanded to reduce the inhabitants (of their own land) to “perpetual slavery, and to seize everything movable and immovable”. 

Wow, does this sound like a Holy or Christ driven mission or priesthood? Then what of its ‘saints’? Well, the Scriptures answers that “if the root of the tree is rotted, the entire tree is” 

Part 4 – Is a Saint for Black Justice not needed?

It’s probably little known, but Saints aren’t generally bestowed upon the overall church – but bestowed upon a cause, which is observed and needing certain help or hope. 

And now see, as there are hundreds of Saint’s, for just about any cause or group. ‘Saints for orphans’ ‘Saints for women’s Freedom’ ‘Saints of the down trodden’ ‘Saints for healing’, etc. So, see since Saints have specific duties and assigned groups and being that George Floyd, has brought such a massive influx of laws for equal justice and a great transition for economic parity for the Black race, except for bias, or unawareness, how isn’t he a Saint for Black justice, liberty and equity?

So, to the question, “how is George Floyd a saint? I ask you, even as I ask all, except perhaps in the mind of the bias, the ignorant or unaware, “how is George Floyd not a Saint?”

Here are just a few national articles (on the phenomenal Justice and economic Initiatives and impact) towards the Black race in America post George Floyd:

Mckinsey report / Mckinsey.com

‘The Opportunity to Advance Racial Equity’

NBC News / nbcnews.com 

‘Monumental impact of George Floyd’s death on Black America’

Washington Post / washingtonpost.com

‘Corporate America’s 50 billion promise’

Time Magazine / time.com

America since promises of the George Floyd protests


Praise the Lord and pass the Blessings. This play ‘SAINT GEORGE FLOYD’ besides a vehicle of great entertainment, featuring: song, dance, art, video highlights and poems is foremost a celebration of George Floyd’s Life and Legacy, but it’s also an entity of renowned spiritual sharing. And it offers, that George Floyd did indeed “touched the world”, even as he promised – as humanity worldwide joined for the cause of ‘life, liberty and justice’ for all. 

The Mission and Purpose is Great!

And it’s about our survival (nothing less)

as Free Persons with equal Citizen Rights 

And, this is the writer’s mission, that Saint George Floyd’s sacrifice (and it’s aftermath of goodwill) not diminish nor is forgotten – but is ever before men and is multiplied -and that all men join together, in brotherhood. 

The Principle Story

Our story essentially is the chronicles of one day – (George Floyd’s last earth day – and his heavenly sojourn. Now, the (principle) story, in the story takes place on the second anniversary of George Floyd’s demise. 

Surely, it’s a story that’s not singular in nature; as it’s of a dutiful Black Father (of two young off-springs) just after the youths viewed a news replay of the (two years old) tragedy. Now, this Dad, as his peers, is compelled to deliver the Race / and George Floyd talk. (Thus, begins the ‘Saint George Floyd’ story).

God was in the Plan

Yet, this is a tale of grace and fantasy, not fatalism. It’s a comforting tale of hope and God’s gracious love. And we find that God Almighty was in the plan all along. As a Scripture reads “Man meant it for evil, but God meant it for good” And, the greater of this works takes place beyond the Veil – in the heavenly realm, even where he’s anointed ‘Saint George Floyd’. 

And in this heavenly aisle, Saint George Floyd, meets three of his most desired figures – and new guides: first his Mom, secondly, Jesus the Christ, and the third, the celebrated, Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. And as these share (comfort inspiration and Truth) with our subject, we’re also beneficiaries.

A Prayer for the Race

And it’s our ardent prayer, that – this vehicle might be an influence to help keep these newfound doors of goodwill, recently, extended to the darker skinned, open. While we readily, acknowledge, this effort is just a part, and of no great effect without the work and prayers of you and the collective. Yes, everyone and every fiber of our being, must move towards FREEDOM AND JUSTICE NOW!


Warren’s latest book, as are several of his, is a book on Spirituality. It’s named ‘The Dynamic Truth of Being’. And its small audience, unanimously, touts it as a spiritual masterpiece. And Warren gives all the glory and praise to the Most High. His other spiritual books are ‘Teach Us to Pray ’The Spirit’ ‘Working on the Christ’ ‘But I say Unto you. And he’s even working on one now entitled ‘The Spirit speak’

Mr. Avery has also served as an instructor of Creative Writing and concept development in several educational and creative capacities.

And now Mr. Avery brings all his creative gifts, spirituality and love to the Saint George Floyd play / project, where he insists this one is a duty, and that in this, he’s truly “On a Mission from God’. 


Co–creator, LEIA AVERY, is seemingly a born creative and business minded young female millennium. We can probably say it’s in her genes. She has shared that at 8 or 9 years of age, she set up a replica of ‘Bozo’s grand prize (bucket) game’ and others in her backyard and charged her friends and neighbors (their allowance) to play the games – they in fun and in hopes of winning some prizes. 

Now, as head of Just Play Entertainment, Leia is still about creating fun moments and activities. As Just Play caters to all – any size party or group: adults, students, families and even corporations. And Just Play’s (true to life) motto is “Never Stop Having Fun!” So you can see, Leia is on a roll and Leia plays to win. 

Leia as well has been an owner of a few small businesses and also Real Estate parcels. 

And now she gladly shares her various expertise and creativity in the production and promotion of the Saint George Floyd Musical Play and SGFmovement.com.