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Continue here after finding Index refer to Instructions above. You can just sign in using an email address and check the name behind the number for no cost. The trick is to figure out which ones. When I provided them with details of my problem with Radaris, it took only a couple of days for them to delete my photos and personal information from the Radaris website. We endorse this website in part because it can discover the identity of the actual person hiding behind an email address and in part because it gathers a sizable quantity of information about that individual. If your query is about another topic, select ‘Other’ from the drop down menu above. We also show you the phone company’s name. If you need a single search only to verify someone’s identity, there are sites that offer free trial people search option.

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Com is a website that’s sole function is to share personal information with other people. By entering a person’s name, you can find their complete public record history. HTTPS provides encryption via TLS Transport Layer Security, which secures the connection between a client e. Select wisely, so you know you’re getting the best price and also the best service. This amazingly detailed search engine offers several plans and add ons. Unlimited reverse phone lookup searches. An online background check is a report carried out by searching the website or by employing the services of a company designed to run background checks. LPS need this information to assess the rate bill for your property. These rules vary significantly by industry and jurisdiction.

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City and/or County staff review and approve these applications to ensure all applicable regulations are met. Instagram is another popular Social media app that holds information about almost every person and can be used to easily find someone on all social networks free in this database. The search criteria of People search sites are clearly shown on the people search sites, along with intuitive suggestions for the information you should enter for a fast and painless search. Find the Radaris blog here. Again, if only basic information is required then you may want to handle things internally or use a free service before forking out. Type in search terms and click the search button OR Press the Enter Key on your keyboard to begin. It is the responsibility ofgovernment agencies to create and maintain this information. Sex offender information. Before paying for a background check, it’s worth considering your needs and priorities carefully. I wanted to opt out of Radaris. I have emailed several times asking what I did to not be in compliance with FCRA as I want to help others find birth parents and need a reputable background service. ZoomInfo combines data about people from many sources using a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms, gradually constructing online resumes that include career information, educational background, and other specifics. You just need to type a name and the location in the search bar to do a basic search. Whether you want a basic background check or a comprehensive report about a person’s activities,Radaris people search is a good tool for your needs. It turns out he had lied to me about where he lived and his family. Users can choose between four main search methods; people search, phone, address, and email lookup. After coming across this site it strongly indicated that there was an email available for the person I was trying to contact.

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George Floyd’s family says verdict is a ‘victory for many’ but the fight for justice is not over. What this means for you is that anyone with an account can quickly and easily find private information like your:– First and last name– Age– Phone numbers– Current mailing address– Resumes and work experience– Marriages and divorces– Death certificates and other public records– Relatives’ names– Social media profiles– Sexual offenses– Criminal records and mugshots– Photographs and videos. What has been your experience with using Radaris. A subscription for one month will cost you only $19. You’re able to query a person even if you don’t know their name or phone number by using an email, IP address, or vehicle identification number. While making this list, we have only selected the companies that source their information from state agencies databases. You can quickly look up a person online with just one detail, like a person’s full name or phone number. The data is taken from a variety of public and private sources, some of which may be out of date or generalized. Answer: All requests are processed in the order they are received. But if you need to perform a more in depth background check on someone, you might want to use an FCRA certified company. Io also has an email finder/email search function, which can be handy for marketers. However, you are entitled to a full refund. 2, an individual denied by a POC state can elect to submit an appeal to the NICS Section. It provides extensive historical and current identity information about anyone through its identity resolution engine. Its search bar is placed rightfully on the landing page, making it easily visible for any new users. Searching for your name online will let you pick the low hanging fruit of people search sites that let their profiles get indexed by search engines. Radaris provides detailed accounts of the people and places in our lives using publicly available data from a variety of sources. All the related information about the person is collected from all possible places on the internet. Moreover, they also give an option to the user to either call back or report the call as spam. It’s a perk you won’t find at many other places offering background checks for criminal records. This function allows you to completely erase your presence from other websites like Reddit or Wikipedia. Ready to safeguard your personal data. However, free searches don’t normally include criminal record or financial solvency checks. Step 5: Enter your copied profile URL, full name, and email address on the boxes. ” So, if the background check was the reason for denying you, they will inform you of this so you can follow up and hopefully get any wrong or outdated information fixed. A full phone report requires a one time payment or a monthly subscription. Radaris is accomplishing the work of Satan. Many totally free people search sites show unnecessary and fake results.

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A reverse number lookup can identify spam callers, fraudulent users, scams, and search the owner name for any number. Moreover, the help of other features such as background search, location, etc. Even though Instant Checkmate isn’t the cheapest person’s search engine, you get a lot of bang for your buck when you sign up for a long term subscription. Although the Registry makes diligent efforts to timely update information on the Website, the information contained herein is compiled from submissions from those agencies required by law to submit information to the bureau on sex offenders, and hence, is only as timely as it is submitted. This picture finder can be accessed for free on Mac to hunt images in better size or quality. Once you receive it, open the email and click the attached link. You are, of course, more likely to find a person who has an unusual name or a name with a distinctive spelling. Post from Radaris’s Linkedin account @Radaris. ​Mail a completed form or substantial copy and fee to. Instead, a people search engine is there to streamline the process and give you exactly what you are looking for. The Criminal History Records Section cannot answer any questions on the particulars of a court case — only the court of jurisdiction may do this. The prefix code comes after the country code and area code for phone numbers that carry the country code. Prices for single searches will vary depending on your requirements. If the address is more established, it could be safer, unless a data breach has exposed it see below. They totally barricade themselves from any inquiries. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day. How Accurate Is Truthfinder. Each transaction is protected with 128 bit encryption. Quick and precise reports. Established in 1997, it’s among the oldest services around and people continue to appreciate it. Copyright © 2023 WordPress Theme by MH Themes. The silver lining is that most reputable services will abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, meaning the information they store cannot be used for consumer reporting. Not only does this provide for a larger listing of area professionals, it also pulls information from multiple sources to provide a better overall picture of the featured businesses and professionals. However, you can easily remove all your information from the platform. It is essential to read the terms of service to make sure that your data is not sold or shared with third parties. You can change your cookie settings at any time.

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We use some essential cookies to make this service work. There is still a lack of data on safety and reputation of this domain, so you should be very careful when browsing it. In 2020, a data broker site exposed around 235 million social media profiles. 49 per month and get. Educating yourself and monitoring one’s online presence are also necessary. INVESTIGATOR APTITUDE TEST. Helping other people is good for them, and it’s also proven to improve your wellbeing. Using this extension, you can see the domain authority, page authority, spam score, link metrics, and page load times just to name a few of any page you view. “FCRA”, which are incorporated herein by reference. You can try Google or Facebook since it’s completely free, but the sea of identical names, profiles and search results can be difficult to sift through. Please remove this info as well. Generally, reverse lookup searches do not invade the privacy of unknown callers identified because they only serve information from public records. Once the researcher finds their preferred site, they can search by inputting the subject’s phone number in the search bar and waiting for the results. The site also offers reverse phone lookup and reverse address lookup services. With its accessibility to billions of public data, flexible search options, and lightning fast, accurate search reports, BeenVerified is a great place to start. In those days, one wouldhave to find out every detail about a person, to the tiniest thing as hair color or color of eyes, then youmight have to travel down to their dwelling city. Date of experience: November 24, 2022. This process is ridiculously complex it seems. With gathered public records from various sources, Radaris boasts morethan 183 million names, 594 million people, and more than 224 million contact numbers in store; withthis wealth of information, one can be sure to have the most detailed search results. So how do you know which ones are the best reverse phone lookup sites. The search interface of the people search sites is user friendly, and the returned results are well structured and easy to digest. “FCRA”, which are incorporated herein by reference.

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Radaris uses radar technology to scan and index public records from a variety of sources, including social media, government archives and more. This enables us to show you related photos. Every day thousands of people use TruePeopleSearch people finder public record service and find up to date people addresses, emails, phone numbers, social accounts, dating profiles, mugshots, arrest records, court records and much more. The information offered by Intelius consists of the owner’s name, present and previous addresses, and any background data that is accessible, such as arrest and bankruptcy histories. Moz’s Chrome extension, MozBar, is a free all in one SEO toolbar that allows you to view that page or SERP metrics. Location Tracker Track Phone. Radaris, the people search engine, has released a new Background Check app and a significant update to the Radaris People Search app that provides better mobile access to all the information services. Most websites will actually give you add on options so that you can decide how comprehensive you want your background check to be. These websites allow you to get a detailed report on a person’s arrest and criminal history. Yet, if you’re looking for reports which are of excellent quality and include excellent information, TruthFinder is a wonderful option. In the new transparent world people expect to know each other better. In that case, there are sites that specialize in locating phone numbers and revealing the identity of their owners. If you’ve installed a GPS tracking system, like OnStar, LoJack, etc. And while CocoFinder doesn’t have an official mobile app, the website is mobile optimized, so you can easily conduct a reverse lookup at anytime or anywhere. But before accepting you as a tenant, landlords need to ensure that all the things you said about yourself are accurate and truthful. Access information on an unknown number through NumberLookup’s search tool. Someone created another account using my number how do I get to know who it is. 99 per month for its reverse phone search service. The platform has all the tools you need to find someone fast and easily. If you’re looking for information on a potential roommate, you’ll find precise details on their background. You may not use the service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Phone: 309 454 2444Contact Us. The Guide to Finding Free Public Records Online, Including Background Checks, Criminal Records, Court Records, Arrest Records and More. Because of this, it’s a cheap option for those who frequently require background checks.

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Do a free people search with no credit card required. When you utilize a service to verify your criminal history, the identification information you supply is cross referenced against a database containing billions of criminal and federal records. They use this collected data to create profiles of individuals. If you need to search hundreds or thousands of names in databases we provide a batch importer. Reports will be updated often as new data becomes available. Moreover, unlike shady background check websites, US Search protects your privacy and does not share your search data with 3rd party platforms. Most of us have Truecaller on our devices. If you only need to look up one cell phone number, it doesn’t make sense to pick up a costly subscription. Its search result gives you more than social and professional information about anyone. Radaris is an open source site that provides specific information about a user on the internet. Instant Checkmate is one of the leading people search sites, offering a smooth search process with an easy to use navigation bar and a fast search feature. The social media accounts these people search combs include Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. I was told they don’t refund even though the following statement was in my email.

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One of the benefits of the internet is the sheer volume of information. Some people might prefer to keep their social media profiles private, requiring you to connect with them on the service before you can view their personal information. Access to Criminal Records. Chief Appraiser:Emitte George Jr. Please remember that your subscription is automatically reset every month, so remember to cancel. You can search for a specific name, reverse search a phone number or email address, or browse sex offender listings. Com, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on “control your info. Background check uses can vary from trying to connect with a long lost relative in which case you may also want to check out one of the best people search finder services and engines or just find out who called you. They do not answer the phone or return phone messages or emails. You’ll be taken back to your profile, but now you’ll have some new options available to you. Identifying the top sites for conducting background checks can be a daunting task due to the wide variety of options available. Credit headers are the top part of a credit report and don’t include any personal financial or employment history. Yoast SEO is probably the most used SEO plugin for WordPress users. As a plaintiff, I sued the company personally and received damages. Question: What if I believe the information on my record is incorrect, incomplete or out of date. Public records that Radaris admits to using include those from district courts, local government, county registries, police reports, criminal records, license registries, deed registries, and local and state phone directories. TruthFinder is only available for use in the US and it gives you access to a wealth of public records, including phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, social media profiles, criminal records, arrest records, and more. Also known as social media profiling, this process will check if the address is used by someone on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, among others. How are RAPsheet and Fingerprint Rolling Techniques classes scheduled throughout the state. Request a discovery session with one of our background screening experts today. Norton Symantec protects this people search site.

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Start Managing Your Finances. Follow our other opt out guides to help you on this journey. Gain access to an index of all available public documents for Jo Macdermid compiled by Radaris. The middle name should be the one the applicant was born with, not their maiden name. When an FFL initiates a NICS background check, a name and descriptor search is conducted to identify any matching records in three nationally held databases managed by the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services CJIS Division. Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm ET. For employers, the best background check service will offer a variety of screening options that help you customize your background check packages so you can optimize your hiring process, simplify the candidate experience, and comply with FCRA and other applicable regulations. Yes, simply by contacting your internet service provider. Dataprot says a whopping $10 billion is needed for stronger cybersecurity annually due to all hacking and data breach cases. If you get to the point where you need some assistance using this online service, Whitepages has the favored online Help Center to start with. Also, you can search for your own photos to find other people stealing or misusing your photos. Finding what you need doesn’t need much experience with computers or records searches. However, such apps may require you to install the app on the caller’s phone or have access to their phone.

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If you or someone you know may be entitled to unclaimed funds or property from a state, you may do a search to find out. Virtually every registered landline in the United States is covered, including some that aren’t in the telephone directory. Fix DNS issues and restore access to reports. It contains which data broker sites hold your information. Start by typing the phrase ‘Cumberland County Clerk of Courts Records’ into your search engine. In the new transparent world people expect to know each other better. Using a true people finder site, you can search for a person by name, address, or other information. While there’s no customer funnel, the search experience is poor, there are hidden costs, and the information you get isn’t always reliable. Users may also refine their searches by selecting certain criteria using the people search engines, such as location, age, and police record, making it easier to discover the specific information they’re looking for. Peoplefindfast is an online platform that helps people who want to find a person on the internet or search for someone they want to know.


The website is easy to use and works well across all devices. Your website needs to be taken down asap. Please review our Fingerprint Room Rules before your visit. Protect your company and your customers against hiring the wrong people. When you’re about to enter into a new business agreement or start working for a new company, it’s always advisable to perform some research on the people you’ll be interacting with. The price of a background check service varies depending on the check performed and the steps required, but for a relatively thorough, national level background check you should be able to charge $100. You will also get information on where they live and who the members of their families are. USPhonebook: You can look up a telephone number and find out who it belongs to, or look up a name and find out what phone number belongs to it, using this simple website. In the ever changing space of email marketing, one of the most important things is finding a prospective client’s email address. 95, as it allows you access to one profile and only the publicly available information for that person, but if you upgrade to an Annual Membership, which includes unlimited requests plus full access to the archive, it is only $39. Individual Spokeo reports can be unlocked for $0. It also provides a list of state agencies a lobbying entity intends to lobby and the subject matter of their lobbying activities. Date of experience: December 02, 2022. ➤➤ CLICK HERE TO PERFORM A FREE REVERSE EMAIL LOOKUP. Its reports are more accurate and comprehensive than competing services. Extensive reports: USPhoneLookup reports contain names, social profiles, and a history of the person’s employment or criminal cases, if applicable. The whole process is pretty simple: You enter the person’s phone number into the website’s search field, and it will return results for that number.

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If you don’t want to pay for a VPN, follow the above advice, and use caution when using free WiFi. Spokeo offers affordable search services for mobile phone numbers on a one time basis in addition to recurrent subscriptions that last one month. ThatsThem primarily uses public records, social media profiles, and other online sources to find information about those living in the United States. This is in addition to the checks that legal professionals make when acting in property transactions. We are subject to over 150 data regulation regimes and are always committed to complying with local regulations. Option II: ClearBit Connect – Supercharge Gmail. Updated: October 4, 2022. For more information, please review US Search Terms of Use. You must pay more to get more information about a phone number if you want it. After you complete the process to remove your personal information, Radaris and other sources will no longer process the searches with your name. And yet, as I discovered when I tried to conceal the details of my life from public view, going unlisted is now a herculean task. Intelius offers other monthly membership options as well including unlimited PDF Downloads, Unlimited Email Reports and an Identity Protect Option. Reveal the owner’s first and last name if available in addition to performing a reverse email address lookup. Image screenshot of the Radaris people search page. A people search tool is one of many applications that can help find someone, but it usually provides enough information to start a search. One of its drawbacks is that its Customer service can be improved. TruePeopleSearch is different mainly because its data is much better than its competitors. Gathers information from multiple sources.

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But, believe it or not, George Floyd’ money exchange scenario (especially, as I wrote it in the play) flashed before me – as he presented the cashier in his case a large bill, which in his case, was just a twenty dollar bill. Any way I gave her the C-note, held my breath and just hoped for the best. Now, I considered that I was surely over reacting. Because, I had just got this package of c-notes right from the bank. But continuing, the cashier accepted my c-note, frowning as she looked closely at it.

She thereupon held it closer to her eyes, frowning more. Then she would hold it overhead, towards the overhead light, (and squinting her) eyes. Next, she held it up and out towards the sun rays, coming through the large nearby windows

Oh my goodness, I thought,” let me tell this lady that I have the $41.00 in smaller bills, for her.”. But before I could get it out my mouth, she pivoted and left her drawer and station and walks three, (that’s right, three) whole aisle’s over.

“don’t tell me” I’m thinking, “she’s going after the dollar proofer contraption! And my goodness”, I reflected. “This is most unsettling. This is the very picture of what I imagined and actually wrote in my Saint George Floyd play.”

And she did exactly that! She ran it through, once while frowning, and then again, still frowning and nodding her head (negative) But, now, my girl, returns, and still with no words she deposits the funds beneath her drawer.


Now, I knew my C-note was good, as I got it from the bank, but that didn’t ease this dreaded moment. Cause, who’s to say George Floyd’s paper wasn’t legit! And, now I know this story is getting long, and is already probably uncomfortable, but, I need you to feel my pain and dread, as I felt it. Or at least understand my feelings. And maybe, if possible, feel that I had a right to them.

But, back to the cashier, whom returns, without apology, counts out and hands me my change, with the receipt, smiles and turns for the next customer in line. I truly felt abused and was still concerned, and felt very much unsafe; not knowing if they (the machine) determined that the bill was a possible fake, and perhaps the police would appear to take me down at the door, or what?

And I thought upon my last trip to thos store, and the very same lady waited on me, and that evening, her not finding the sales ticket visible, she quickly threw my item under the counter, saying, that it wasn’t priced, so she couldn’t sell it. But I advised her it was marked inside, which she found to be true.

But, getting back to today, I did, make it out the door, without being intercepted by law enforcement, But, I said, let me make it to the car before I break down in relief.

But, making it to the car, I wanted to make a cell phone call, but, I thought better, let’s me move out before a swat team corner me in, with overhead helicopters.

So, I left thankful for my freedom and life, until the next shopping engagement. I noticed that my head, neck and shirt was filled with perspiration.


Now, you may wonder, was this a Macy or Bloomingdale. High end shop, I was shopping and followed around to protect the precious merchandise. No, ha, ha, This was a Salvation Army store. You know, like a goodwill, thrift shop. But, With Blacks, as prey, it’s not what they’re protecting, it’s who you are.

“don’t tell me” I’m thinking, “she’s going after the dollar proofer contraption! Oh my goodness”, I reflected. “This is most unsettling. This is the very picture of what I imagined and actually wrote in my Saint Georfe Floyd play!” Now, panicking, I thought again to holler, to get her attention, that I had some smaller bills, that she could try.

And I submit that this is an important work, one of the most significant of this millennium. As this work is significant on several fronts: spiritually, it opens up Scriptures and God’s Voice that is a Godsend, and oh, so, precious but rare. It also offers a comforting understanding of the continuity of Life beyond the Earth plane. It as well, and in the natural, highlights the burden Black households have to give the Race talk to their young charges.

And, in concluding, the cause and purpose of the writer initiating this piece, which was as a mission, is that Saint George Floyd’s sacrifice and it’s aftermath of goodwill not diminish nor be forgotten, but is ever before men.

Yet the chief catalyst of the story is by the writer is to keep “George Floyd’s story center front, that men can continue to face one another as Brothers and One in fairness, justice and equity.
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(More) A letter from a Blackman…

George Floyd still could have been any of us. 

Since then I’ve asked myself so many questions. How come the police hate us? Will I ever get to live a life free of fear, free of pain, and anger? But the question that scares me the most is, do I need to see a therapist? The answer to the last question is, probably. 

When soldiers go to war, some come back broken because of the devastation, destruction, and trauma they had to endure. It’s called PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder and it’s a serious condition. 

If you can have sympathy for a soldier’s pain, how come you have little for Black pain. Our trauma is just as real as anyone else’s and we never signed up for it. 

In 2007, Robert. T. Carter theorized that individuals of color who experience racially charged discrimination as traumatic and often generate responses similar to post-traumatic stress. This was known as Race-based traumatic stress. It’s defined as the traumatic response to stress following a racial encounter. 

Racial trauma can be experienced by an individual or by an entire community and can also come with a host of symptoms such as anxiety and depression, loss of appetite, nightmares, low self-esteem, etc. 


Part 1 – Speaking of Miracles 

“But, how is George Floyd a Saint?” Yes, this question was raised as soon as I brought the name and idea of the play up, and it still reverberates “But how is George Floyd a saint?” 

So, let’s look at this in today’s light. Today, Saints must have performed at least two verified miracles. Ok, so let’s consider George Floyd. Now, according to the Washington Post, in the less than two years of George Floyds passing – on the law perspective – over 150 pieces of legislation and laws have been passed (in America) corralling in police powers and potential abuse. (Miracle #1). 

And on the economic and equity side, American corporations have pledged over 50 billion dollars towards Black causes, justice and equity (miracle #2). And shortly after the video of George Floyd’s state sanctioned execution went world viral, major, street closing, demonstrations (of majority White marchers) went on for weeks in over 150 countries around the world (miracle #3). 

None of these three monumental accomplishments had ever been even partially met, before (in the four centuries of Black subjugation in America) nor was any even considered possible.  And I submit to all, each was nothing less than a miracle of God!

But, now, let’s detour, from Saint George Floyd and let’s consider our idea and imaginings of the Sacredness of the Saint’s ordinations process and our overall reverence and goodwill in the Sainthood process, the Holy See and council.

Part 2 – What’s Holy about the (Sainthood) Process?

But, what, if like me, you know or learn that many a pope and cardinals and their bastilles owned enslaved persons, and even participated in their sub-human treatment and also the trading of Black humans as chattel to raise money for the church growth, etc.. Just google ‘Popes and Cardinal’s that owned slaves / enslaved persons’. And you will be surprised, and hopefully hurt and dismayed. And, it’s not hidden knowledge. 

There’s a most recent story, from the New York Times, March 2022, noting how Georgetown University (a leading Catholic University) was admitting to commandeering enslaved persons for free labor to build much of its campus; a deed they now admit was wrong and immoral and are now pledging over 100 million dollars, to remedy, with more promised.  

Ok, so how does that believed sacredness of the Saint-hood look now? Oh, that’s the past, one can rationalize. Well, what about this; less than two years ago, the head of the Saint making department, in the Vatican, was charged with corruption and conspiracy in a most unholy scandal. See below from a recent NY Times article.

“Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, accused of embezzlement, abuse of office, witness tampering, is on trial with nine other defendants in a corruption trial that centers on a London realestate deal in which the Vatican lost millions, charges the defendants deny. Pope Francis demanded the cardinal’s resignation,as head of the department in charge of making saints, in September 2020”

New York Times 5/5/2022

Seems to me, doubters, should first turn their attention to reform, this historic and present evil cabal, which grossly dishonor the Sainthood and the truth of God’s nature. 

Part 3 – The Evils that came before

Ok, let’s take a further look back, on the character and moral fortitude of the early church leaders.  In another find, biblical scholars and ancient manuscript researchers have recently shared a most disturbing (to most true Christians and right minded persons) a papal executive pronouncement issued by Pope Nicholas V, in the mid 1400’s. It’s referred to as the ‘Doctrine of Discovery 1452, and it’s included below.

Now, this (Doctrine of Discovery 1452) was issued, less than 50 years before Columbus invaded the islands around the Americas (in 1492).

In this light, we can better understand the atrocities scholars have attributed to his mad band of merry men, against the hapless, peaceful, inhabitants of the lands they would happen upon. For, by the highest order, the pope, whom, in earlier days was accepted as part King and part God Messenger, this exposition orders were not a betterment of mankind or a ‘we come in peace, mission’ but to conquer and annihilate: “to invade, search out, capture, vanquish”, etc. 

And understand these (designated enemies) were faultless and were inhabitants of far-away distant lands, which they were not at war with or had no knowledge of. And here, by this executive order they are commanded to reduce the inhabitants (of their own land) to “perpetual slavery, and to seize everything movable and immovable”. 

Wow, does this sound like a Holy or Christ driven mission or priesthood? Then what of its ‘saints’? Well, the Scriptures answers that “if the root of the tree is rotted, the entire tree is” 

Part 4 – Is a Saint for Black Justice not needed?

It’s probably little known, but Saints aren’t generally bestowed upon the overall church – but bestowed upon a cause, which is observed and needing certain help or hope. 

And now see, as there are hundreds of Saint’s, for just about any cause or group. ‘Saints for orphans’ ‘Saints for women’s Freedom’ ‘Saints of the down trodden’ ‘Saints for healing’, etc. So, see since Saints have specific duties and assigned groups and being that George Floyd, has brought such a massive influx of laws for equal justice and a great transition for economic parity for the Black race, except for bias, or unawareness, how isn’t he a Saint for Black justice, liberty and equity?

So, to the question, “how is George Floyd a saint? I ask you, even as I ask all, except perhaps in the mind of the bias, the ignorant or unaware, “how is George Floyd not a Saint?”

Here are just a few national articles (on the phenomenal Justice and economic Initiatives and impact) towards the Black race in America post George Floyd:

Mckinsey report /

‘The Opportunity to Advance Racial Equity’

NBC News / 

‘Monumental impact of George Floyd’s death on Black America’

Washington Post /

‘Corporate America’s 50 billion promise’

Time Magazine /

America since promises of the George Floyd protests


Praise the Lord and pass the Blessings. This play ‘SAINT GEORGE FLOYD’ besides a vehicle of great entertainment, featuring: song, dance, art, video highlights and poems is foremost a celebration of George Floyd’s Life and Legacy, but it’s also an entity of renowned spiritual sharing. And it offers, that George Floyd did indeed “touched the world”, even as he promised – as humanity worldwide joined for the cause of ‘life, liberty and justice’ for all. 

The Mission and Purpose is Great!

And it’s about our survival (nothing less)

as Free Persons with equal Citizen Rights 

And, this is the writer’s mission, that Saint George Floyd’s sacrifice (and it’s aftermath of goodwill) not diminish nor is forgotten – but is ever before men and is multiplied -and that all men join together, in brotherhood. 

The Principle Story

Our story essentially is the chronicles of one day – (George Floyd’s last earth day – and his heavenly sojourn. Now, the (principle) story, in the story takes place on the second anniversary of George Floyd’s demise. 

Surely, it’s a story that’s not singular in nature; as it’s of a dutiful Black Father (of two young off-springs) just after the youths viewed a news replay of the (two years old) tragedy. Now, this Dad, as his peers, is compelled to deliver the Race / and George Floyd talk. (Thus, begins the ‘Saint George Floyd’ story).

God was in the Plan

Yet, this is a tale of grace and fantasy, not fatalism. It’s a comforting tale of hope and God’s gracious love. And we find that God Almighty was in the plan all along. As a Scripture reads “Man meant it for evil, but God meant it for good” And, the greater of this works takes place beyond the Veil – in the heavenly realm, even where he’s anointed ‘Saint George Floyd’. 

And in this heavenly aisle, Saint George Floyd, meets three of his most desired figures – and new guides: first his Mom, secondly, Jesus the Christ, and the third, the celebrated, Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. And as these share (comfort inspiration and Truth) with our subject, we’re also beneficiaries.

A Prayer for the Race

And it’s our ardent prayer, that – this vehicle might be an influence to help keep these newfound doors of goodwill, recently, extended to the darker skinned, open. While we readily, acknowledge, this effort is just a part, and of no great effect without the work and prayers of you and the collective. Yes, everyone and every fiber of our being, must move towards FREEDOM AND JUSTICE NOW!


Warren’s latest book, as are several of his, is a book on Spirituality. It’s named ‘The Dynamic Truth of Being’. And its small audience, unanimously, touts it as a spiritual masterpiece. And Warren gives all the glory and praise to the Most High. His other spiritual books are ‘Teach Us to Pray ’The Spirit’ ‘Working on the Christ’ ‘But I say Unto you. And he’s even working on one now entitled ‘The Spirit speak’

Mr. Avery has also served as an instructor of Creative Writing and concept development in several educational and creative capacities.

And now Mr. Avery brings all his creative gifts, spirituality and love to the Saint George Floyd play / project, where he insists this one is a duty, and that in this, he’s truly “On a Mission from God’. 


Co–creator, LEIA AVERY, is seemingly a born creative and business minded young female millennium. We can probably say it’s in her genes. She has shared that at 8 or 9 years of age, she set up a replica of ‘Bozo’s grand prize (bucket) game’ and others in her backyard and charged her friends and neighbors (their allowance) to play the games – they in fun and in hopes of winning some prizes. 

Now, as head of Just Play Entertainment, Leia is still about creating fun moments and activities. As Just Play caters to all – any size party or group: adults, students, families and even corporations. And Just Play’s (true to life) motto is “Never Stop Having Fun!” So you can see, Leia is on a roll and Leia plays to win. 

Leia as well has been an owner of a few small businesses and also Real Estate parcels. 

And now she gladly shares her various expertise and creativity in the production and promotion of the Saint George Floyd Musical Play and